Welcome to Hoejgaard Equine Clinic

Hoejgaard Equine Clinic lives by the motto: Your horse in focus, and our 10 highly qualified veterinarians are ready to provide the best treatment for you and your horse.

Hoejgaard Equine Clinic consists of one primary clinic and two satellite clinics. The primary clinic is located in Jutland, approximately 5 kilometers south of Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark.

Our two additional satellite clinics: Hoejgaard Equine Practice, located at Katrinelund Stallion Station on the isle of Mors and Hoejgaard Equine Clinic Aalborg, which is located at Helgstrand Dressage in the northern part of Jutland. Furthermore, we serve mares for reproduction at Noerlund Horse Hospital in Silkeborg.

Located on the isle of Fuenen near the city Odense you find our main hospital: Hoejgaard Equine Hospital, where we perform surgery and offer advanced diagnostic imaging modalities like MRI and scintigraphy.        


Hoejgaard Equine Clinic – Your horse in Focus

Hoejgaard- Your horse in focus - strives to create and maintain a good relationship with the horse owner. It is our ambition to be a positive part of the equine community, and we are always eager to help both the horses and their owners in all of their veterinary requirements.

Our goal is to excel in all aspects of veterinary medicine, and to offer horses and their owners the best possible options, when it comes to diagnostic procedures, imaging and treatments. It is important for us to be a reliable veterinary partner with focus on providing the best possible treatment options and related veterinary services.

Continued education, certification and specialization have a high priority in our team of 10 veterinarians. Each of us primarily works within the area of our primary interest, and we all have individual certifications and educations according to our individual fields of interest. This ensures professional and high quality coverage within all veterinary and equine sport disciplines.


Facilities and equipment

At Hoejgaard Equine Clinic, we offer excellent facilities for lameness evaluations and prepurchase examinations, including various surfaces and slopes used for gait analyses.

In the barn, we have six stalls with video surveillance. Furthermore, we have multiple smaller paddocks, and at Noerlund Horse Hospital, we have several larger paddocks with grass, that can be used for mares serviced at the hospital during the reproduction season.

We have a well-equipped laboratory, which enables us to analyze blood, urine and fecal samples and allows us to offer day to day results.  If specific diagnostic tests cannot be performed at the clinic, we arrange analysis at certified laboratories around Europe.

Digitalized Radiography

At Hoejgaard Equine Clinic, we both have portable (Eklin) and stationary digital radiography available. We have extensive experience in obtaining and interpreting images for national and international clients. We can send images all over the world - allowing images to be shared in high resolution (Dicom images) for evaluation by veterinary colleagues.

Ultrasound examination

Our veterinarians have several ultrasound devices at their disposal, allowing us to evaluate different problems such as orthopedic issues (tendons, ligaments and joints), abdominal and thoracic problems as well as routine evaluations of the reproductive tract.

Ultrasound examinations are extremely valuable for the diagnostic work-up of lameness issues, and our approach is highly inspired by ISELP – International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology. Several of our veterinarians attend the ISELP modules, which are highly recognized among equine veterinarians.



We offer all routine, and multiple types, of specialized reproduction work, including insemination, embryo transfer as well as semen evaluation - we also offer to freeze semen.